9 Reasons to Start Your Own Business


Are you contemplating of abandoning that job and starting your own business but you are still doubtful of taking action? Are you afraid of going broke?failing?disappointing your beloved ones?living uncomfortably? Are you scared of not living up to your own dreams?

Not everyone would like to be an entrepreneur. But if you have a nudging feeling within your soul, a feeling of starting your own thing, then it is only fair you do it. The reward of doing this is not only in monetary value. In this article, I have compiled 9 reasons why I feel you should take the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world.

  1. It teaches You to be Independent

Starting a business will require you to think a lot. Whether you are starting it on your own or with a partner, you will have to make the final decision on your own. Over and over, you will learn to make all your decisions independently and become even better in decision-making as you grow. You will learn to trust your own instincts because nobody knows your business better than you do. It is a delightful feeling to realize that every decision you make is chiefly dependent on you. You do not have to compromise with the opinions of others including your boss and your fearful colleagues. You make your own decision and assume responsibility for it.

2. Helps You to Learn Faster

Being an employee, you must learn about your industry and your role. Nevertheless, being your own boss requires you to learn casually everything. From finance to operations, marketing to accounting. You will require to know all that stuff. Furthermore, you will have to update yourself with technology, consumer trends, tools and industry news. This will make you a voracious reader, opening an opportunity for you to learn like never before. You will take life like a progressive journey as you do with business.

3. You will Wake Up Motivated

Nothing feels as inspiring as following your own dreams and passion.The feeling alone will keep you motivated to work. You will find yourself thinking about different ideas, strategies, the possibility of your dream coming true and how to outplay your competitors. Even during moments of sadness and desperation, you will still be excited to go for work and fix the problems. The understanding that the business is yours will keep you inspired to work hard because you nobody else is bound to receive the reward.

4. It will Eliminate Excuses in Your Life

Starting your own business is scary but it is a sure way to get rid of excuses. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

5. You Will Feel Accomplished

Have you ever asked yourself why some people choose to become struggling artists instead of doing something else like getting a job in order to earn a living? Start your own business and you will have a good understanding of how fulfilling it is to follow your dreams. The reward is not only monetary but a feeling of contentment and accomplishment.

6. You Will Find it Easy to Walk Your Talk

Majority of people talk the talk but have never considered walking the talk. As an entrepreneur, you will learn that talking without any action is close to stupidity if not actual foolishness. Entrepreneurship teaches you that things just don’t happen as you wish, but as you do.

7. You Will Become Fearless

Starting a business is undoubtedly a scaring endeavor for first time entrepreneurs. You have to believe in your abilities and make decisions over and over. This will get you out of your self-limiting beliefs. You will learn that nothing is worth of being scared of and this will eventually become your habit.

8. It Boost Your Self Esteem

Starting your won business takes courage. To be able to get out of your comfort zone will definitely eliminate your self-doubt. You will never hesitate to invest in yourself because you are the only profitable and lasting asset to your business.

9.It Opens Doors to Networking

Starting your own business gives you an opportunity to make friends with other entrepreneurs in your community or around the world. You will finally realize that there are so many ambitious people and talented people people out there. Suddenly, the world will become big and you will discover endless opportunities to learn and grow your business. The more you get involved in entrepreneurship and interact with other businessmen, the more opportunities you will realize and the more self’driven you will become.

Final Purport

If you want to start your own thing but are not sure where to begin, take a leap of faith and begin anywhere. Begin by identifying your passion and plan how you can monetize your skills. Remember, Rome was not built in one day. Take a step of faith daily and eventually you will reach the success destination.


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