How to Stop Chasing the Wrong Dreams

FOLLOWTHEMFrom a tender age,other people dream for us. Leading this bandwagon are our well-meaning parents calling out our future potential. Then teachers, pastors, coaches and others in authority. All these people cast their hopes for us. It becomes difficult to clearly tell the difference between others dreams for us and our own dreams. Their dreams become ours.

To see our dreams come true, they must come from within. They must be authentically from you and no one else. If by any chance we are able to achieve others’ dreams, there is still an emptiness within because it is not our true dream but a counterfeit. Others have decided and even predicted a future for us. This is genuinely a waste of years of our life.

When you are chasing somebody else’s dream disguised as your own, you do not have time to do self-searching to discover your own dream. It becomes a detour from the life you truly desire. Often times, we have a small feeling from within that it’s not our true dream but we keep pushing on in the same direction. We have been mislead and don’t fully understand for how long.

If you believe that you may have been chasing the wrong dream, follow the four steps below to discover your true dream.

  1. Be Alone

You must create time to be alone with yourself. Turn all external voices except the one that is internal. In this busy, noisy and counterproductive society, we must be focused and objective to make this happen.Technology is an inevitable and constant destruction. The noise makes it hard for you to clearly visualize your talents, abilities and passion. A lone time will eliminate all destruction and help you to re-evaluate and refocus your mind on your core values.

“We all have choices, we can make a living or we can design a life.”-Jim Rohn

2. Write Down

Putting down your dreams on paper is a necessity. A written dream constantly reminds of what is non-negotiable. Writing helps us to differentiate between the things we can adjust or change and those that we cannot change no matter what. Writing also serves as a hub for hope during times of discouragement. We will definitely get discouraged along the journey of life. To keep us going, we need to refill our hope by constantly reminding ourselves why we started the journey. We are only reminded by looking back to our written dreams. Writing is a compass to bring us back to where we ran out of motivation.


3. Plan and Act

After writing down your dreams, plan how to carry out your mission. Writing your dreams without putting down a plan is useless. Keep your plan simple and effortlessly executable. Break your dream into manageable chunks and be consistent to accomplish each day’s target.

4. Get Feedback

Feedback is a vital step to any progress in life. However,be careful to get feedback from a trusted source. Furthermore, avoid looking out for feedback early in the process of chasing your dreams. Often times,we are over-excited about our dreams and openly share them with any random Tom, Dick and Harry. The result is being discouraged before we strongly anchor the roots of our dreams. Get feedback from people who have been where you want to go. Find out what it took them to accomplish their dreams. This will adequately prepare your for the inevitable challenges along the journey.

“This one step-choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything.”-Scott Reed

Final Verdict

As you plan, realign and re-calibrate your future, you will find a new passion. The road is long with many bends but this fight is worth every penny. Stay true to your inner cry. Remember, you lie loudest when you lie to yourself. Skill can be learned, but the inner passion is what you want to ignite. Have a blessed journey.