How to Stay Motivated Through Thin and Thick

startOne of the biggest challenges ever in life is staying motivated and hungry for success at all times. This is because staying motivated is a combination of both external and internal factors that stimulate a desire to be continually interested and committed to attain a certain goal in life.

Those who stay motivated for long are true winners. True winners are individuals who have nurtured motivation into a habit. This habit instructs their common sense to react positively to challenging situations in life. This somehow gives them relentless power to ensure that they don’t miss a day of motivation in their life.

Below are 7 Key steps to staying motivated for long.

  1. Know Your Why

What inspires you to do what you do? What is your purpose? Knowing the reason why God created you is a vital step towards creating an enjoyable life. This can only be accomplished by doing a deep personal examination into your core values, talents, passion and skills. In order to discover your why, ask yourself the following questions.

-What is your passion? Knowing your passion is a huge step towards staying motivated for long. This motivation not only inspires you but also other people’s lives, bringing satisfaction and fulfillment to your life.

-What are your strengths? What is that innate ability that helps you to adapt to any challenging situation without giving up your hope?

-How do you measure your life? How do you bring value to life? Do you use your success for your own selfish desires or do you make use of your resources to reach out and help others? How do you want to be remembered to the future generation?

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

Our beliefs determine our perception of reality, how we think of ourselves and the world around us. To stay motivated through thin and thick, you need to constantly work on developing yourself. Self improvement will help you to attain self confidence in your abilities and help to build on what you did not know.

When something negative happens, the simplest way to acknowledge the situation is by convincing your mind that everything happens for a reason. Believe in your abilities and be brave to see life lessons during adversity. This will give you a third eye to see solutions within problems hence stimulating a positive and motivating effect from within. Motivate yourself with positive statements for instance ,” I can do this today,” “i will reach the destination no matter what,” “I am getting better and better daily.” This will definitely culminate into a habit and keep you motivated always.

3. Vision

A vision enables you to see what does not exist. It gives you the ability to see beyond your present reality. Having a vision will definitely motivate you to get up every day and try just one more time. Your vision will engage your subconscious mind to be prepared to take up available opportunities that will help to propel you towards achieving your goals. This is the secret to success and long lasting motivation.

4. Plan

It is a nude fact that as humans we cannot foresee everything. We cannot plan for every possible turn of events, but we can be well prepared to handle the majority of them. It is therefore vital to remain flexible and work to adapt to unexpected situations. If your plan does not work, do not change the goal but just adjust your plan depending on the lessons gathered from your failure. Break your plan into small attainable chunks to keep you motivated on handling the next chunk on your list.

5. Take Action

make it happen

A plan without action is useless. While everybody is wishing, waiting and hoping to be lucky one day, be busy working and fighting for what you really want. Familiarize yourself with your why, come up with a plan, jump into action, remain consistent through thin and thick, celebrate small wins, learn from failure and take life one day at a time. Everything is possible within a vision. The sooner you take action, the quicker you begin living your vision.

6. Check your company

Bad company ruins good morals. Show me five people you spend the most of your time with and I will tell you your future. If you frequently hang out with four misguided friends, you will become the fifth. Right people will give you guidance in achieving your goals. Spend more time with your role models, mentors and like-minded individuals. Spending a lot of time with motivating individuals will keep your motivation engines well fueled for long.

7. Take Responsibility

It is important to understand that no one else can do it but you. Make it your responsibility to live excellence and inspire others by working daily on your goals. You must keep believing that God has a good plan and that something good is gonna happen. Learn from your mistakes daily and make an effort to learn from every encounter in life- whether good or bad. This is the secret to stay motivated for long.

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